The Annual Cycle Of Wolves – Winter

As an appreciator of wolves, I’ve found them to be misunderstood and mysterious animals. It’s inspired me to come up with a blogging series about the annual cycle of wolves. For every season I’ll be focusing on how a wolf lives and how they respond to the changing environment. Winter is a time for keeping warm, whether through finding shelter or curling up. Wolf activity during winter is less vigorous than other seasons.



Ultraviolet Light And The Reindeer Superpower

We associate certain images with Christmas: presents, crackers, Santa and his elves. The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without reindeer, as they are among the hardiest animals in nature. Able to survive in freezing temperatures, reindeer have a unique quality that sets them apart from other mammals.


Ice Breaker

Droplets of snow twinkle and collide
like stars falling to earth
It is a frosty wasteland
where dreams careen across the sky
in lights arcing blue and green

Tundra fur, pale as powdered sugar
thick neck rising to sniff air
sensing, searching
over white crests and crystal peaks

Ice-breaker, faith-maker
sledgehammer pawed
punching holes in frozen arena
Ice-breaker, ground-shaker

Meat grabbed between jaws
slick and savoury
settle down to eat
ponder the old joke
about how much you weigh

Swim Deep

In that time between daylight and darkness
barriers slip away like mist trapped in a jar
Handprints burn themselves into windows
hot with condensation and gloom

Stars create shafts of light
that are weaved into staircases
and allow dreamers to ascend
into a higher plain of consciousness

A stone is cast into a lake
a discarded thing that causes
ripples to map the motions of time
like sand in an hour glass

Cold meanders over homes
while spirits roam the street
lost and confused hoping to find
where they belong

You pull your head above water
wide awake and alive with seasonal virtue
when it’s all drifted away you understand
now is a time for action, tomorrow is a time
for hope.

When Leaves Fall

The wind is a melody
that lulls trees into a false sense of security

Summer had her five seconds of fame
in her wake rises a vermillion kingdom
where days are shorter and the witching
hour grows stronger

When leaves fall
they do not dance

Aerial warfare begins
with rapier sharp twists
and turns, competing
to reach the floor
and be hailed king of the hill
until another is crowned

Within an ocean of foliage
beats the heart of an ecosystem
adapting, shifting, restless
as inevitable as coastal tides
and wondrous as a full moon
Born to outlast the greatest Empire

When the wind stops blowing
it will remain, in the way mountains
are seen as nature’s great monuments.