Storm Chaser

He was the sun cast adrift
Brine and salt sought to drown His light

The water broiled like an angry serpent,
hungry for mast bones and wooden skin
A plea broke out over the din of the beast
“Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?”

Among acolytes he rose, steadfast and aglow
with righteous divinity
He denounced the wind that cut deeper than the sword
He banished the waves that climbed higher than mountains

“Quiet! Be still!”
He commanded the storm and the storm obeyed
The sea yielded to the sun’s rays

“Why are you so afraid?”
He asked the awe-stricken faces
Fear forms the root from which
all natural affection takes its life


Mythology And The Year Of The Monkey

The Chinese New Year is a time for celebration and spending time with loved ones. It’s also the perfect time to reflect on spiritualism and the connection to the lunar calendar. As this is the Year Of The Monkey, people who were born under the sign are considered to be clever and innovative. Monkeys have an important role within Chinese mythology and there are many stories depicting them as protectors.



He walked among honeysuckle
seeing divine providence in
smallest of creatures

He picked little flowers
felt miracles in each petal
holy truth at his fingertips

He heard a choir of chirps
wait for me while I go to preach to my sisters the birds
they wreathed him in song and protection

He strode into jaws of death
Brother Wolf I would like to make peace between you and the people
The beast bowed his head low

He lived for Creation
prayed for stewards of Earth
He sought no riches
wished no fame
left behind his teaching

Nature is God’s mirror.

Flying With Black: The Cultural Significance Of Ravens

Animals in gothic literature often draw a link to the supernatural, whether as omens or harbingers of misfortune. The common raven is an example made famous by Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven as a bird with a strong connection to death. Yet ravens have appeared in legend and literature for thousands of years and their purpose is dependent on the culture that’s revering them. French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss believed that ravens claimed a place in myth because of their mediator status as an animal between life and death, feeding on carrion.


The Animal Within


The other night I had a dream. I was walking through a field and a wolf jumped out in front of him. This made me think about the link between animals and the spiritual world and whether my dream had been more than just coincidence.

In some cultures animals are revered for their connection to nature and shamanistic qualities. The term ‘Power Animals’ originated from The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner in 1980. Power animals are associated with achieving success and for understanding the nature of a particular emotion. How does one go about finding one’s spirit animal? What does it mean to have a tiger or a bear watching over you as a guide?