Pearl Of Wisdom

Beneath the water
is a pearl of wisdom
waiting to be plucked
polish it on your sleeve
until it shines as brightly
as stars looking down
from their lofty perches
and outshine them all


Taming The Wild Spirit Of Savannah Cats

Cats are among the world’s most beautiful animals, ranging from the powerful tiger to an affectionate tabby. Cats are diverse, adapting to their environment, whether it’s a jungle or a small house. This adaptability makes them ideal pets, and they fill our lives with joy and fond memories.


New Comic Website For 2017

Hey everyone,

As 2016 comes to a close I wanted to thank you all for following me and being interested in what I’m writing about. Your likes, comments and shares have encouraged me to keep pursuing my passion for animals and I’m very grateful. 2016 has been an up and down year for me, but being able to engage with fellow animals lovers has been one of the most positive aspects of it.

With 2017 set to arrive, I’ve decided it’s time to follow one of my other passions and that is comics. I’ve created a new website called The Comic Vault, which will feature reviews, character spotlights and anything interesting to do with the comic world. I’ve written a couple of posts that you can check out already, with the bulk of new content being written in January.

If you’re interested in anything geeky and comic related, then I’d appreciate if you could follow me over there as well. I’ll still be running Wings And Wild Hearts, with plenty of new articles and ideas coming out in the new year. Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I wish you all a happy new year!


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The Annual Cycle Of Wolves – Winter

As an appreciator of wolves, I’ve found them to be misunderstood and mysterious animals. It’s inspired me to come up with a blogging series about the annual cycle of wolves. For every season I’ll be focusing on how a wolf lives and how they respond to the changing environment. Winter is a time for keeping warm, whether through finding shelter or curling up. Wolf activity during winter is less vigorous than other seasons.


Ultraviolet Light And The Reindeer Superpower

We associate certain images with Christmas: presents, crackers, Santa and his elves. The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without reindeer, as they are among the hardiest animals in nature. Able to survive in freezing temperatures, reindeer have a unique quality that sets them apart from other mammals.


London Zoo Bring Christmas To Their Animals

Christmas is a time for festive spirit and family bonding. It doesn’t have to be a human celebration, as staff at London Zoo were keen to show when they gave gifts to some of the animals. On Thursday the 15th December, six-month-old Sumatran tiger cubs Achilles and Karis recieved a pile of gifts to open.


Storm Chaser

He was the sun cast adrift
Brine and salt sought to drown His light

The water broiled like an angry serpent,
hungry for mast bones and wooden skin
A plea broke out over the din of the beast
“Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?”

Among acolytes he rose, steadfast and aglow
with righteous divinity
He denounced the wind that cut deeper than the sword
He banished the waves that climbed higher than mountains

“Quiet! Be still!”
He commanded the storm and the storm obeyed
The sea yielded to the sun’s rays

“Why are you so afraid?”
He asked the awe-stricken faces
Fear forms the root from which
all natural affection takes its life