Animal Agenda 2017


In Christmas
and in health
let animals
roam free
within history’s periscope
in 2017 you will see


Wild Heart

And so she lay with lions
my wild heart,
she walked into a den of inequity
came out smelling of roses

And so she was thrown to the wolves,
my wild heart
and returned leading the pack

And so she said she could fly,
my wild heart
she spread her wings and
soared above mountains

And so she saw the ocean,
my wild heart,
swam deep enough
to drown the fear of drowning

And so she found me weeping,
my wild heart
threaded our fingers
and became my knight in shining armour.

The Monkey Tree

Under the monkey tree
where flowers bloom
the colour of sunset
you’ll find me reminiscing
about a simpler time

A time of long, summer days
tinted golden by childish laughter
of mint chocolate ice cream
with the flavour of innocence

The sun never faded in those days
it went on blazing with all the hope
mustered from a boy who had
everything he could’ve ever wanted:
friends, family, future

Under the monkey tree
there was no concept
of what would happen tomorrow
it was a place grown from freedom
a playground built upon
youth’s tireless optimism

Branches curled like welcoming hands
open and magnanimous in the way
an old friend welcomes you
after years of being apart
every bend in the wood,
a hammock in which to rest
your head after hours of
running in vainglorious heat

Under the monkey tree
I found another home

And should the world
lose its dappled luster
I’ll return to where
I buried a piece of myself
unearth it from beneath
those great, curling branches
I’ll unearth it
so I can remember the boy
who had everything he ever wanted
and show him the man
who hasn’t taken life for granted


A city of light
plunged into darkness
grief runs red in streets
marred by footsteps of madmen

Prayers take flight
form wings to carry word
of a united nation

Rise, rise

from ashes
like a phoenix
burning brighter than

When Chanteclair crows
he shows heart that
will never be stilled
will never lose strength
qui n’avance pas recule

A city of light
illuminated by hope
liberty lives on in streets
shining with human decency