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Taming The Wild Spirit Of Savannah Cats

Cats are among the world’s most beautiful animals, ranging from the powerful tiger to an affectionate tabby. Cats are diverse, adapting to their environment, whether it’s a jungle or a small house. This adaptability makes them ideal pets, and they fill our lives with joy and fond memories.



Guest Blogging

In honour of reaching 100 hundred followers I’d like to thank everyone who has liked or commented on my articles. I hope everyone has found them beneficial. With the milestone reached, I’ve decided to start accepting guest posts of animal related articles between 300 and 1000 words in length.

Guest posts can be a range of topics, from a special interest in a charity to an endangered species you want to shed more light on. Content that I’m especially interested in is anything to do with birds of prey, big cats or wolves.

It’s my hope that with guest posting we’ll be able to work in collaboration for the betterment of animals. For full submission guidelines please go here.

Volunteering At Manchester Dog Care

Being able to spend time with dogs is an incredible experience because there isn’t anything else like seeing the expression of happiness in a dog’s eyes at it runs up to greet you. I’ve seen that joy more than once while volunteering at Manchester Dog Care. During my time there I’ve been exposed to a number of dogs, from intelligent German Shepherds to affectionate Cocker Spaniels. All of them have left an impression.


World Day For Animals In Laboratories

Today is World Day for Animals in Laboratories and will see many people protest against the testing of animals. It’s a time to reflect upon the pain that’s being inflicted for the pursuit of science. Animal testing has always been a controversial topic, but doing something to raise awareness of the issue is a step in the right direction. An event is taking place in Manchester that involves protestors throwing flowers at the Stopford Building at Manchester University as well as a stunt that will see hundreds of people ‘dying’ in Piccadilly Gardens.


The Pawesome Bernese Mountain Dog

Dogs are wonderful companions and their domestication allowed us to work side by side with them. Over the centuries, people have used dogs for hunting, sledding, carting and retrieving. A breed that comes from a labour background is the Bernese Mountain Dog. Used as an all purpose farm dog, it was used to drive cattle over long distances to alpine pastures. The breed originates from the Swiss Alps, working alongside herders and dairymen called Senn.


Smile With Your Samoyed

There’s no feeling quite like playing with your dog and seeing he or she flourish in your happy family. Dogs are friends, companions and partners who see us through the day and make life worth living. A breed that’s always fascinated me is a Samoyed. This cuddly canine can be recognised by fluffy white fur and a smiling face. Originally bred to haul sledges and heard reindeer, Samoyeds take their name from the Samoyedic people of Siberia. The breed is a wonderful addition to any home because of their friendly disposition and loyalty.


RSPB Call For Protection Of Birds In Derbyshire

To see a bird in flight is a wonderful experience, particularly when it’s the sight of an eagle or owl soaring high. Birds of prey are among nature’s most beautiful creatures but they still face persecution in certain places. One area is Derbyshire in the UK, where there has been 16 incidents of mistreatment in 2014, including the shooting of a buzzard and sparrowhawk as well as an illegally trapped goshawk.


Acts Of Charity: The Great Dane Adoption Society

After writing an article about my love for Great Danes I’ve become inspired to start a section on this blog called Acts Of Charity. The section will bring awareness to animal charities I admire.

dog7The charity I’m looking at today is the Great Dane Adoption Society, founded in 2000. The organisation is based in the UK and helps other large dog breeds, including St Bernards, Irish Wolfhounds and Mastiffs.


The Glory Of The Great Dane

It’s no secret that owning a dog is worthwhile for the bond that’s created between human and animal and often they become more than a pet. Dogs are friends, companions, protectors who look out for their family and want nothing more than to be loved in the same way they pour love into their owners. One of the most affectionate dogs (and a personal favourite of mine) is the Great Dane, a lovable canine that is one of the tallest breeds in the world.


The happiness of wolves

The happiness of animals is imperative, so seeing wolves frolic is always wonderful to see. Be sure to sign this petition as well to help support wolf recovery in Oregon.

Learning from Dogs

Loving dogs must mean, surely, loving and protecting our wolves.

In yesterday’s post, George Dvorsky wrote:

Unlike a certain companion animal that will go unnamed, dogs lose their minds when reunited with their owners. But it’s not immediately obvious why our canine companions should grant us such an over-the-top greeting—especially considering the power imbalance that exists between the two species. We spoke to the experts to find out why.

Call of the Wild

In order to gain an appreciation for dog behavior, it’s important to understand that dogs are descended from wolves (or at least a common wolf-like ancestor). Clearly, the two species, separated by about 10,000 to 15,000 years, share a lot in common.

Like dogs, wolves greet each other with vigorous face licking (Credit: Sander van der Wel CC A-SA 2.0) Like dogs, wolves greet each other with vigorous face licking (Credit: Sander van der Wel CC A-SA 2.0)

That reference to wolves seemed like as good a reason as any to write further about…

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