Pearl Of Wisdom

Beneath the water
is a pearl of wisdom
waiting to be plucked
polish it on your sleeve
until it shines as brightly
as stars looking down
from their lofty perches
and outshine them all


Storm Chaser

He was the sun cast adrift
Brine and salt sought to drown His light

The water broiled like an angry serpent,
hungry for mast bones and wooden skin
A plea broke out over the din of the beast
“Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?”

Among acolytes he rose, steadfast and aglow
with righteous divinity
He denounced the wind that cut deeper than the sword
He banished the waves that climbed higher than mountains

“Quiet! Be still!”
He commanded the storm and the storm obeyed
The sea yielded to the sun’s rays

“Why are you so afraid?”
He asked the awe-stricken faces
Fear forms the root from which
all natural affection takes its life


Upon the endless prairie
where time stands still
we clash in an eruption
of hooves and desperation

Kick me in the jaw
and I’ll kick you right back
this is my home
I won’t give it up

Sand hisses
like venomous snakes
beneath us as we struggle
churning up the days

I can keep this up for a thousand years
raging against your blows
here is my line in the sand
and you will not cross it

Women watch us
their fates tied to the victor
a story as old
as the distant mountains

My herd gives me strength
you crumble into dust
and the next contender
arrives to take your place


Loneliness is quicksand,
you wallow, you sink
but on the edge of that mire

you will find an olive branch
sent by a friend
reach for their hand

Self-pity is a desert
in which dreams are starved
friends are the oasis
drink deep, drink heartily

Among a sea of doubt
friends will brave storm and circumstance
to stop you from drowning

Friends are the oasis
drink deep
live well.

I See You

I see you walking through the
lunar forest with eyes of the sun
The ground glistens beneath your steps
The river trickles and plays a cleansing symphony
I move closer while you dance through caverns of
encroaching shadow and steel renders heart
Caution oversteps its boundary
In my boldness I step inside the den of inequity
You are not to be found and
I reflect upon my gallantry.

I hear you calling on frost capped peaks with
voice of a summer breeze. The heavens part with every breath
you take. Snow settles an ivory blanket on a body
adorned in holly leaves
Night casts its ebony cloak and the star shine iris
appears to blink. I climb as fast as I can to reach the crystal hall
you reside in. My burning spirit has melted away the snow and the walls are broken
down.Your song has ceased and
I am pushed to my limit.

I feel you searching in darkness with light
illuminating the winding trail.
Grass grows in the Meadow of Memory,
the wind has yet to prevail and whispers a beckoning tale, a cadence
that can’t be ignored
I stagger on as you run into everglades made from eternity
Courage is machete sharp and primed for an horizon,
Hacking away and searching blindly you have vanished and
I am left with my passion.

I see you sitting across the room with pen
in hand and head held high.
Friends surround
and giggle at each smile you make with new intentions.
I put down my pen and let
all anxiety go as I catch your eye
We both smile and shine. I see you.