Marine Life

Bioluminescence And The Deep Sea

Last night I was watching a documentary that detailed the dissection of a giant squid in order to learn more about the elusive creature. Very few live giant squid have been seen in action. The documentary reminded me of how deep our oceans are and the mystery that surrounds the unknown depths. Despite pain staking research from marine biologists we still only know a fraction of what is down there. The deep sea world can be described as alien in comparison to the image of beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish.



Helping The Green Sea Turtle

Type: Sea Turtle
Diet: Herbivore
Size: 1.5m
Weight: 68-190kgs
Location: Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans.
Status: Endangered

Fun Fact

Green sea turtles play a vital role within their ecosystem. They feed on seagrass and trim the top, leaving the roots behind. This technique improves the health and growth of seagrass.


Guest Blogging

In honour of reaching 100 hundred followers I’d like to thank everyone who has liked or commented on my articles. I hope everyone has found them beneficial. With the milestone reached, I’ve decided to start accepting guest posts of animal related articles between 300 and 1000 words in length.

Guest posts can be a range of topics, from a special interest in a charity to an endangered species you want to shed more light on. Content that I’m especially interested in is anything to do with birds of prey, big cats or wolves.

It’s my hope that with guest posting we’ll be able to work in collaboration for the betterment of animals. For full submission guidelines please go here.

Battle Scars

I know you my enemy
Do I terrify?
Hide in darkest depths
My will is indomitable
I will hunt until
the ends of the earth

Down here light
Cannot penetrate
It’s a place where
Our songs shake
The world around us

Flash of gold
Twitch of silver
I have you in sight

Tentacles whip
Razor sharp and wild
Teeth latch on to
Ghostly flesh
And we dive
Immortal adversaries
waging a war as
Old as bones

Lacking a spine
Doesn’t stop your bravery
I feel your struggle
Tearing and flailing
In a mad zest for life
But I have known hunger
And I will never know it again

The battle ceases
Scars are etched
I will carry them proudly
Until we fight again
Until waves dry up
Until the end

Whale Song

How many have heard your song?
Melody of the waves
carrying up from hidden depths
the symphony of fathers
calling to their children
in an orchestra of supple
siren sounds
mackerel flit
silver scaled shimmers
trapped within a web of bubbles
shoot towards sun drenched haze
tail slapping
your song is all that remains

Sea Shepherd

The illegal poaching of whales and dolphins is an ongoing problem, despite many countries outlawing the practice. In this Acts of Charity segment I’m putting Sea Shepherd  in the spotlight for their dedication to saving whales and all marine life from harm. Their England charter, Sea Shepherd UK aim to conserve and protect the world’s marine ecosystems and species. They document, investigate, enforce conservation laws and prevent violations of international treaties.


We Love Our Planet (WLOP) Wants To Help Animal Charities

Banding together to help animals is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. It’s a chance to make a difference and protect rare species who are on the brink of being wiped out. But it doesn’t have to be one person’s fight. There’s power in the united voice and that’s where We Love Our Planet comes in. The Manchester based organisation was created out of a concern for the welfare of animals and their environment.


Stopping The Persecution Of Whale Sharks

With environmental risks like pollution and overfishing, it’s little secret there are many fish species on the endangered list. Such is the case with the whale shark,  known to be a docile creature that allow divers to hitch a ride on its fins. It’s been reported that a dead whale shark has been spotted hanging from a winch off the Chinese coast. The culprits were two fishermen called Liao and Huang and they have been arrested by the authorities for selling the animal on the fish market.


The Sleek And Deadly Leopard Seal

A feature named ‘The Hunter’s High Road.’ Check back to see an animal that represents the apex of predatory evolution. Carnivores come in a range of shapes and sizes, using a variety of tricks to catch their prey. Some are powerful, some are beautiful. All are deadly.

seal1When thinking of seals a popular image is seeing them as small, cute and cuddly with bright, innocent eyes. Not every seal is docile, particularly in the case of the leopard seal. At a length of 2.4-3.5m and weighing from 440 to 1320lbs the animal is the second largest species in the Antarctic. They are apex predators, second only to killer whales in their dominance of Antarctica.


World Day For Animals In Laboratories

Today is World Day for Animals in Laboratories and will see many people protest against the testing of animals. It’s a time to reflect upon the pain that’s being inflicted for the pursuit of science. Animal testing has always been a controversial topic, but doing something to raise awareness of the issue is a step in the right direction. An event is taking place in Manchester that involves protestors throwing flowers at the Stopford Building at Manchester University as well as a stunt that will see hundreds of people ‘dying’ in Piccadilly Gardens.