Big Cats

Taming The Wild Spirit Of Savannah Cats

Cats are among the world’s most beautiful animals, ranging from the powerful tiger to an affectionate tabby. Cats are diverse, adapting to their environment, whether it’s a jungle or a small house. This adaptability makes them ideal pets, and they fill our lives with joy and fond memories.



London Zoo Bring Christmas To Their Animals

Christmas is a time for festive spirit and family bonding. It doesn’t have to be a human celebration, as staff at London Zoo were keen to show when they gave gifts to some of the animals. On Thursday the 15th December, six-month-old Sumatran tiger cubs Achilles and Karis recieved a pile of gifts to open.


Planet Earth II – Grasslands

Grasslands cover much of the earth and provide a home to many species of animals. From towering elephants to tiny field mice, the grass supports a range of life. In this week’s Planet Earth II, David Attenborough shows us what it takes to survive in these unique environments.


Planet Earth II – Deserts

Survival is the most important thing in the animal world, and that is made clear in the latest episode of Planet Earth II. The documentary focused on deserts and why they are extreme environments to live in. The episode kicked off with a tense confrontation between desert lions and a giraffe.


Planet Earth II – Jungles

Half way through the series, and Planet Earth II continues to impress with amazing visuals and unforgettable sights. This week, David Attenborough took viewers into the jungle to see how animals fight to survive. The opening shot revealed an Indri leaping through the tree tops of Madagascar. Indri are the largest lemurs on the planet, and listening to the mournful song of the female was a great way to set the tone for the program.


Planet Earth II – Mountains

Last week, David Attenborough introduced us to some of the remotest habitats on the planet with the first episode of Planet Earth II. This week his focus is on mountains, where only the hardiest of animals can survive. The program opened with stunning snow-capped vistas and the appearance of a snow leopard.


Guest Blogging

In honour of reaching 100 hundred followers I’d like to thank everyone who has liked or commented on my articles. I hope everyone has found them beneficial. With the milestone reached, I’ve decided to start accepting guest posts of animal related articles between 300 and 1000 words in length.

Guest posts can be a range of topics, from a special interest in a charity to an endangered species you want to shed more light on. Content that I’m especially interested in is anything to do with birds of prey, big cats or wolves.

It’s my hope that with guest posting we’ll be able to work in collaboration for the betterment of animals. For full submission guidelines please go here.

We Love Our Planet (WLOP) Wants To Help Animal Charities

Banding together to help animals is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. It’s a chance to make a difference and protect rare species who are on the brink of being wiped out. But it doesn’t have to be one person’s fight. There’s power in the united voice and that’s where We Love Our Planet comes in. The Manchester based organisation was created out of a concern for the welfare of animals and their environment.