Acts Of Charity

Yalooka Farm

Protecting animals in all shapes and form is important because they make the world a better place simply by existing. Sometimes, it’s the small acts of kindness that make a difference and that can be seen on Yalooka Farm in Victoria, Australia. Run by Ed and Shelley, the 133 acres of land is used as a farmstay for guests and a home for vulnerable farm animals such as goats and chickens.



Guest Blogging

In honour of reaching 100 hundred followers I’d like to thank everyone who has liked or commented on my articles. I hope everyone has found them beneficial. With the milestone reached, I’ve decided to start accepting guest posts of animal related articles between 300 and 1000 words in length.

Guest posts can be a range of topics, from a special interest in a charity to an endangered species you want to shed more light on. Content that I’m especially interested in is anything to do with birds of prey, big cats or wolves.

It’s my hope that with guest posting we’ll be able to work in collaboration for the betterment of animals. For full submission guidelines please go here.

The Palestinian Animal League

Protecting animals all over the world is an essential part of maintaining our environment. They face numerous threats from destruction of habitat to being hunted and killed for sport. One organisation that’s looking to defend the rights of animals in Palestine is the Palestinian Animal League who’ve recently become a part of the charity community that’s hosted by We Love Our Planet.


Sea Shepherd

The illegal poaching of whales and dolphins is an ongoing problem, despite many countries outlawing the practice. In this Acts of Charity segment I’m putting Sea Shepherd  in the spotlight for their dedication to saving whales and all marine life from harm. Their England charter, Sea Shepherd UK aim to conserve and protect the world’s marine ecosystems and species. They document, investigate, enforce conservation laws and prevent violations of international treaties.


The Sloth Institute

Today’s Act Of Charity showcase is about The Sloth Institute in Costa Rica that looks after baby sloths who’ve lost their mothers. They have a three part mission that aims to research captive and wild sloths, collaborate with other sloth organisations and educate the public on how they can help the animal. The foundation was set up by Wildlife Director Sam Trull and Chief Volunteer Seda Sejud.


Acts Of Charity: The UK Wolf Conservation Trust

In this installment of Acts Of Charity I’ll be looking at The UK Wolf Conservation Trust, a charity started in 1995 that aims to promote conservation and public awareness of wolves and their habitats. Through their efforts the UKWT hopes to improve the chances of survival for wolves around the world and run education programs so the next generation does their part to help these sublime creatures.


Acts Of Charity: The Great Dane Adoption Society

After writing an article about my love for Great Danes I’ve become inspired to start a section on this blog called Acts Of Charity. The section will bring awareness to animal charities I admire.

dog7The charity I’m looking at today is the Great Dane Adoption Society, founded in 2000. The organisation is based in the UK and helps other large dog breeds, including St Bernards, Irish Wolfhounds and Mastiffs.