London Zoo Bring Christmas To Their Animals

Christmas is a time for festive spirit and family bonding. It doesn’t have to be a human celebration, as staff at London Zoo were keen to show when they gave gifts to some of the animals. On Thursday the 15th December, six-month-old Sumatran tiger cubs Achilles and Karis recieved a pile of gifts to open.

tiger-cubs-get-christmas-presents-c-zsl-london-zoo-3-large_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bq5yqlqqeh37t50scym4-zegtt0gk_6efzt336f62ei5uThere was nothing in the boxes, but cats do enjoy ripping apart paper and other materials, so the cubs had the chance to practice their hunting techniques. ZSL’s Zoological Manager Mark Habben said “We love a bit of of festive cheer at ZSL London Zoo, and like to find fun ways for the animals to join in with the festivities. Our tiger cubs loved using their newly learnt hunting prowess to rip open their presents.”

The zoo’s meerkats were given pinecone baubles filled with vegetables to eat. The baubles were hanging on trees in their enclosure. This has given the meerkats an enjoyable way of eating healthy food with a festive twist.

Giving the animals gifts is a great example of showing holiday spirit. In a year of polarising political decisions and celebrity deaths, it’s important to focus on those who are closest to you. Christmas is the perfect time for pet owners to spoil their animals, whether you’re a dog or cat lover.meerkat-christmas-treat-9c-zsl-london-zoo-6-large_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqzgekzx3m936n5bqk4va8rwtt0gk_6efzt336f62ei5u

Animals remind us on a regular basis that our environment is a finite space. It will only last if we come together to protect it through conservation and education methods. Let’s make 2017 a year to put the spotlight on animal issues, to do both small and large acts to help different species.

Donate to a charity, sign a petition or think about adopting a stray cat or dog. Animals make the world a better place and this Christmas is no exception.



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