I See You

I see you walking through the
lunar forest with eyes of the sun
The ground glistens beneath your steps
The river trickles and plays a cleansing symphony
I move closer while you dance through caverns of
encroaching shadow and steel renders heart
Caution oversteps its boundary
In my boldness I step inside the den of inequity
You are not to be found and
I reflect upon my gallantry.

I hear you calling on frost capped peaks with
voice of a summer breeze. The heavens part with every breath
you take. Snow settles an ivory blanket on a body
adorned in holly leaves
Night casts its ebony cloak and the star shine iris
appears to blink. I climb as fast as I can to reach the crystal hall
you reside in. My burning spirit has melted away the snow and the walls are broken
down.Your song has ceased and
I am pushed to my limit.

I feel you searching in darkness with light
illuminating the winding trail.
Grass grows in the Meadow of Memory,
the wind has yet to prevail and whispers a beckoning tale, a cadence
that can’t be ignored
I stagger on as you run into everglades made from eternity
Courage is machete sharp and primed for an horizon,
Hacking away and searching blindly you have vanished and
I am left with my passion.

I see you sitting across the room with pen
in hand and head held high.
Friends surround
and giggle at each smile you make with new intentions.
I put down my pen and let
all anxiety go as I catch your eye
We both smile and shine. I see you.



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