The Wind Rider

When I’m not getting up on my soapbox and ranting about animal rights, I like to moonlight as a short story writer. Apparently my stubbornness has paid off as my short story, The Wind Rider is available in this month’s issue of New Realm magazine, all for the reasonable price of $3.99 (£3 for the UK equivalent). The fantasy story is very much set in nature and brings the conflict of machine vs mother earth into question.

The story follows a young huntress named Rasella who needs to complete a sacred trial to become a woman in the eyes of her clan. I gave myself an excuse to come up with my own animals to fit the fantasy world I’ve created, so there’s plenty of weird and wonderful creatures to read about.

And there’s my shameless plug done with. If you enjoy YA fantasy mixed with steampunk and female characters being badasses then I’d appreciate you giving the magazine a look. New Realm features both established and new authors and I’m very grateful for the consideration.

New Realm Vol. 04 No. 10


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