The Palestinian Animal League

Protecting animals all over the world is an essential part of maintaining our environment. They face numerous threats from destruction of habitat to being hunted and killed for sport. One organisation that’s looking to defend the rights of animals in Palestine is the Palestinian Animal League who’ve recently become a part of the charity community that’s hosted by We Love Our Planet.

Stray_dogsThe Palestinian Animal League began in 2011 by a group of Palestinian youth workers who wanted to encourage young people to be compassionate about animals within their own community. It’s the only locally-run animal protection organisation operating within the Occupied Palestinian Territories. They specialise in vet work and improving the well-fare of animals through education and awareness in local communities. By reaching out and working with children, PAL has been able to deliver successful programs such as fun days for children in refugee camps in the West Bank and field trips.

Stray_Dog_BahamasPAL run several programs that allow them to rescue and safeguard animals such as Street Dogs. The campaign focuses on the stray dog population in the West Bank that has no relevant animal welfare legislation or culture of neutering pets. After key research was carried out in 2014 and 2015 it’s been revealed stray dogs are considered a nuisance and face dangers from being poisoned or shot.

In response to this research, PAL launched Palestine’s first ever trap, neuter, vaccinate and release scheme in Tulkarm. The scheme came about in February 2016 and a best practice manual was developed to be used as an educational resource for the community. Thanks to the efforts of the team they have been able to rescue 100 dogs.

Donkey_(Equus_asinus)._Apr_8_2012,_GermanyAnother project is the Horse and Donkey Welfare scheme that aims to protect horses and donkeys. Both are used for a variety of working tasks and no assessment has ever been made of the well-fare challenges. PAL have developed connections with a farming community in Tulkarm and a riding school in Turmus Aaya and helped to bring positive change. In the first 6 months of the project, PAL vets were able to provide free health checks and basic first aid to 150 horses and donkeys.

We Love Our Planet is always looking to make connections with organisations like PAL and promote their ethos to the world. For more information you can visit PAL’s website.


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