Battle Scars

I know you my enemy
Do I terrify?
Hide in darkest depths
My will is indomitable
I will hunt until
the ends of the earth

Down here light
Cannot penetrate
It’s a place where
Our songs shake
The world around us

Flash of gold
Twitch of silver
I have you in sight

Tentacles whip
Razor sharp and wild
Teeth latch on to
Ghostly flesh
And we dive
Immortal adversaries
waging a war as
Old as bones

Lacking a spine
Doesn’t stop your bravery
I feel your struggle
Tearing and flailing
In a mad zest for life
But I have known hunger
And I will never know it again

The battle ceases
Scars are etched
I will carry them proudly
Until we fight again
Until waves dry up
Until the end


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