Volunteering At Manchester Dog Care

Being able to spend time with dogs is an incredible experience because there isn’t anything else like seeing the expression of happiness in a dog’s eyes at it runs up to greet you. I’ve seen that joy more than once while volunteering at Manchester Dog Care. During my time there I’ve been exposed to a number of dogs, from intelligent German Shepherds to affectionate Cocker Spaniels. All of them have left an impression.

12835012_10156550187585705_1247048641_nTania and Tony Golden are dedicated to their love of animals and it’s been a pleasure to be able to work beside them. Located in Timperely in south Manchester, Manchester Dog Care is a home boarding and care centre that allows dogs to relax and have as much fun as possible. The large garden allows the animals to run around and play together while the rooms inside are perfect for curling up on the sofa. A grooming service is also offered for owners who like to have their pets pampered.

I found my volunteering experience useful and exciting because I was able to learn about different breeds and encounter dogs I’ve never heard of such as Shar Peis and Norwegian Buhunds. Playing with the dogs was the perfect stress reliever and left me feeling much happier once I’d finished. I’d recommend volunteering for anyone who loves dogs or wants to gain experience in the animal care industry. It would be useful for students who’re studying animal care as it’s a relaxed environment.

reggie2Tony and Tania are always looking for more volunteers. In return for your time they are willing to pay for travel expenses and you’ll be able to have fun with a variety of dogs. Having volunteered for six months I’ve come away with an even greater appreciation for dogs than when I started. Anyone in the Manchester area should consider giving Manchester Dog Care a try, whether as a volunteer or giving their dog an unforgettable experience. For more information you can see their website. 




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