Wolf Brother

It began in a distant place
caught between a life with potential
and an uncertain future
the cub wandered with the pack
he’d always known

He loped with them
into asphalt jungles
howled with them
at concrete moons
until the day they left
him to fend for himself

The cub was alone
so he spent his days
searching for meaning
for something to make
him whole again

He found his wolf brother
who saved him from
a prison of his own creation
who never led him astray

The wolf brothers hunted
their dreams together
they chased opportunity
feasted upon silver linings
filled their bellies
with a love for life

They made a pack of their own
and the cub was reminded
that blood didn’t make you family
it comes from those who fight
beside you and are still there
when the dust settles


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