World Day For Animals In Laboratories

Today is World Day for Animals in Laboratories and will see many people protest against the testing of animals. It’s a time to reflect upon the pain that’s being inflicted for the pursuit of science. Animal testing has always been a controversial topic, but doing something to raise awareness of the issue is a step in the right direction. An event is taking place in Manchester that involves protestors throwing flowers at the Stopford Building at Manchester University as well as a stunt that will see hundreds of people ‘dying’ in Piccadilly Gardens.

Over three hundred people will march into Piccadilly Gardens and take part in a series of events, such as heralding a speech against experiments at the British Heart Foundation and a minute silence. The white flowers thrown at the Stopford Building represent the animal lives lost.

Lab_animal_careAfterwards, the protestors will perform a stunt that sees one person fall to the ground every eight seconds to symbolise the death of an animal. This is a statistic reflected by the British National Anti Vivisection Society that established World Day for Animals in Laboratories in 1979.

Spectators will be able to see how many animals are lost because of testing. The event is concluded at Cancer Research UK in Deansgate to raise awareness about the BAVS’s investment in stopping animal testing.

Should animals be condemned to labs if it means there’s a chance humans benefit from the drugs that are tested on them? All life is sacred and to risk the health of animals is something I don’t agree with.

What do you think?


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