In truth I don’t want you to change your spots
To be any less of what makes you the one
who can survive
to what cannot be foreseen

I admire you for strength
shown in dire circumstance
what is yours to keep

Crush with strong jaws
swallow demons whole
away all doubt

Blake talked about Tygers
lions are considered kings
you stand alone
as unique

One day you’ll rise again.



  1. I think this poem fits jaguars perfectly: they are unique. They’re the only true big cats in the Americas, and they literally walked across half the globe to get there.

    The “adapt” line also caught my attention. One thing we don’t know about jaguars is just how adaptable they are. They must have some ability to cope with changes, because they migrated across nearly the entire planet during the Pleistocene. They also went from giant, lion-sized cats to the way we know them today; in order to cope with a warmer climate and smaller prey. Lastly, before Europeans arrived to the New World some areas of the neotropics were highly deforested by native peoples. And jaguars survived that too.

    Does all this mean they can adapt to a rapidly developing Latin America? I hope they can.


  2. Thanks for your thoughts Josh. I learned something new from your analysis. If there’s one thing that defines all big cats it’s their ability to overcome adversity and survive. I believe the jaguar will live on.


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