A Dog’s World

A dog’s friendship is like gold dust
precious and beautiful

Zeus runs as lightning
towards everything thrown

Hunny watches
amber eyes full of intelligence

Bryn and Ned
gentle giants slobbering happily

Eddy full of hunter’s instinct
sleeping soundly

Otis curls up beside him
King of Couch Potatoes

Little Maisie takes on
all comers to be in your lap

Fenway soft and cuddly
teddybear fur

Maggie’s a bundle of energy
racing Rocket across the garden

Gromit snuffles on by
tongue drooping

Pip prances about
surveying her Queendom

Punkie with his pink collar
sunbathes on the table

Mia preens
Snowy coat on full display

It’s a dog’s world
I’m happy to be part of it


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