How To Help Birds In Your Garden This Winter

With ice and snow appearing it won’t be long before certain birds start to suffer from the drop in temperature. These are the birds found in your garden, but there’s ways of helping them. There are three things they will need during the winter: shelter, food and unfrozen water.


Provide a bird with shelter by planting thick hedges such as hawthorn and privet, or let ivy and holly grow. They make ideal roosting places for birds who’re trying to keep warm. Birds will gravitate towards roofs because they are warm. If they are getting through holes in a roof then you could patch it up with a nestbox and provide a real shelter.


tit-1149843_960_720Hanging up bird feeders are the best way to help as birds will appreciate a variety of food. Fatty food is especially helpful like fat balls or bird cakes made with lard and packed with seeds. Fruit or dried mealworms are also good choices. Kitchen scraps work as well, ranging from cheese to unsalted meat.


Unfrozen water is a rare commodity for a bird in winter. However, there’s a trick you can use to keep a patch of water free of ice in your bird bath. Float a ping-pong ball on the surface of the water and the wind will keep it moving to stop any freezing around the area.


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