She Who Mauls

Her breath is a desert storm
that blows away my enemies in battle
Dressed in blood
Dressed for war
Daughter of the Sun
Her roar echoes in the heavens
Soothe wrath with drink
Upon the porch of drunkenness
Or be consumed in flames
Warrior for womankind
Lady of Slaughter
Found beating in the breast
of women following their dreams.



  1. This poem captures the essence and power of a lioness perfectly. Few creatures struggle more profoundly than they do, and fewer still have the same force of will. But they can also be incredibly affectionate towards those they trust.


    1. Thanks for commenting Josh and glad you enjoyed the poem. Lionesses are majestic creatures and among my favourite big cats. My intention was to conjure the Egyptian lioness headed goddess Sekhmet and combine her power with the capability of what women can achieve.

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