The Beauty Of The Eurasier

The dog breed I’d like to talk about this week is the Eurasier, a German breed known for the strong bond it develops with its family. I’d never heard of the dog until I met an energetic Eurasier named Hammy while volunteering at Manchester Dog Care. The breed is recently developed, having been created in the 1950s by Julius Wipfel to fill the role of the perfect family dog. Wipfel’s goal was to create a medium size Spitz-type dog that was even tempered, dignified and easy to train.

Wipfel engineered a selective breeding program, combining German Wolfspitzes with Chow-Chows that became known as Wolf-Chows. In 1972, Wipfel chose to add the Samoyed and the breed was recognised by the German Kennel Club in 1973. Today, there are around 8500 Eurasiers in the world.

Eurasier_BailyWtatzeEurasiers are healthy dogs that live between 12-14 years, though diseases to look out for are hip dysplasia and eye lid disorders like ectropion. Despite it being a new breed, the Eurasier has similarities with ancient Russian Laikas that lived with Siberian tribes centuries ago. Eurasiers have all the traits of their Spitz, Chow and Samoyed cousins. They are affectionate and gentle while having the wedge-shaped head and almond eyes of the Spitz.

As Eurasiers bond strongly with their families they need repeated contact and are sensitive to harsh words. Because of their nature as companion dogs they aren’t suited to a kennel environment like the ones used for trained service dogs. Training should be handled through a family member instead of a stranger. Owners shouldn’t keep them restricted or chain them up because a Eurasier will become depressed. Their friendly nature makes them ideal therapy dogs.

A charity that’s dedicated to the wellbeing of the breed is The Eurasier Society UK. They run shows and seminars that bring together Eurasier lovers as well as offering a rescue service.Eurasierwelpe_3

Anyone looking for a family dog will find a loving companion in a Eurasier. They are robust, beautiful dogs who’re adapted to living anywhere and will keep you smiling for many years to come.