The Huggable Husky

Owning a dog is like having a friend at your side all the time. Their loyalty is a reflection of how you’ve treated them with love and respect. With so many different breeds it can be hard to choose a favourite, but one of the most lovable is a husky. Strong-willed and intelligent, these dogs have been used to pull sleds for many years. They also make wonderful pets because of their free-spirited and affectionate nature.

Each husky has similar characteristics of being playful, energetic and independent. First time husky owners should be aware that they need to be confident in their approach due to the dog’s strong-willed nature. Huskies have a high prey drive and will chase other animals like cats and rabbits so it’s recommended to keep them apart. Vigorous exercise is needed to stop your dog from becoming destructive.

huskyTraining a husky should be done in a certain way because of their intelligence. They will find clever solutions to problems that fit their purposes so use food rewards as an incentive. Jerking on a lead may cause them to howl or be melodramatic.

The husky’s origin as a sled dog means there’s a range of activities that can be carried out such as dog hiking and carting. Dog hiking is great for woodland trails and you’ll be able to get exercise without relying on a husky’s pulling instinct. Carting is a good urban alternative as the dog can pull a cart of supplies.

Organisations that are dedicated to helping huskies are Huskies In Need and Heart Welfare. Huskies In Need was founded in 2010 and covers the UK and Republic of Ireland. They specialise in rescuing husky cross-breeds, taking dogs from council pounds, homes and breeders. HIN run adoption and rehoming services to ensure that each husky is properly cared for. Heart Welfare are involved with helping Siberian Huskies across the UK. They are determined to
give every Siberian Husky a loving home and offer a fostering service. SONY DSC

Owning a husky is a big commitment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Training them is an ongoing process but the rewards are worth the effort. If you’re looking for a dog that is good-natured and intelligent then look no further. When you’ve earned a husky’s respect they’ll be loyal forever.


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