Stop Kicking Wolves When They’re Down

Wolves have a reputation for being misunderstood and in some parts of the world they still face challenges. An example of this can be found in Oregon where ODFW (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife) headed by Governor Kate Brown has endangered wolf recovery due to political backing from the livestock industry.

Last Autumn the wildlife agency stripped wolves of protection under the state of Endangered Species Act. They did this even after ignoring overwhelming public input. The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association are asking for further changes by introducing two bills called HB4040 and SB1557. The new legislation would make it difficult to reinstate wolf protection, even if the population declined from poaching or disease. Both bills will allow ODFW to ignore the law by stepping over the public’s right for legal review.WolfAfterReleaseODFW

Oregon Wild have taken a stand by introducing a petition to oppose the anti-wolf legislation. By signing the petition you’ll be adding your voice to an issue that undermines public process. No one is above the law and you can help maintain a species that is in danger of becoming extinct in Oregon.

Wolves are intelligent, majestic animals that deserve our protection. For further information on how to help them check out the Oregon Wild website and their petition.


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