Acts Of Charity: The UK Wolf Conservation Trust

In this installment of Acts Of Charity I’ll be looking at The UK Wolf Conservation Trust, a charity started in 1995 that aims to promote conservation and public awareness of wolves and their habitats. Through their efforts the UKWT hopes to improve the chances of survival for wolves around the world and run education programs so the next generation does their part to help these sublime creatures.

Based in Beenham in West Berkshire, the organisation has been able to raise over £258000 and use it to increase the welfare of wolves. They’ve achieved this through a variety of activities such as their adoption policy. The Trust is home to several wolves and with the adoption method you’ll be granted free admission to visit your wolf and see how they’re getting on, along with other benefits such as beautiful photographs and vial of moulted fur as a keepsake.Wolfmoult

Another interesting method of raising money is by hosting wolf walks that are available to members of the UKWT. The walks take place over the fields and you’ll be able to watch the wolves interact with their environment. To be eligible to do this you can purchase a walking membership.

Other fun activities include Howl Nights that demonstrate wolf communication in action and the range of sounds they make. The Trust also has a magazine called Wolf Print that’s issued three times a year and covers a range of topics that give an insight into the fate of wolves around the world.

The UKWT has a strong focus on educating young people, whether hosting children groups or inviting university students to observe large carnivores up close. There’s even the opportunity for work experience which caters to students interested in conservation or doing animal related

Wolves have gained a reputation for being intimidating, blood-thirsty beasts when really they are intelligent, graceful animals who deserve to be protected like any other. It’s organisations like the UKWT that strive to dispel the reputation and work for the betterment of the species.

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