RSPB Call For Protection Of Birds In Derbyshire

To see a bird in flight is a wonderful experience, particularly when it’s the sight of an eagle or owl soaring high. Birds of prey are among nature’s most beautiful creatures but they still face persecution in certain places. One area is Derbyshire in the UK, where there has been 16 incidents of mistreatment in 2014, including the shooting of a buzzard and sparrowhawk as well as an illegally trapped goshawk.

These reports were given to the Royal Society for Protection of Birds, an organisation dedicated to maintaining a healthy environment for all avian life. They received a national report of 179 shootings and destruction of habitats, as well as 72 incidents of wildlife poisoning and pesticide offenses.

With this shocking treatment the RSPB are calling for the full protection of the law to combat the prosecution of birds of prey in Derbyshire. The RSPB conversation director, Martin Harper said “strong action is needed now to deliver the effective protection that our birds of prey so urgently need. To protect our magnificent birds of prey we must use the laws that protect them, including the EU Nature Directives.”

Fortunately, there’s been progress moving forward as Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Alan Charles has been doing his part to rescue wildlife since his election in 2012. The county force has 32 wildlife officers that have been on hand throughout the year to provide help.

Harper added “there is no place in any society for the unjustified treatment and illegal activity that robs many people of the chance to see these beautiful birds flourish. We applaud the efforts of law enforcement officers across the UK who work with statutory agencies and the public to prevent, investigate and prosecute wildlife.”

You can do your part to help the RSPB by donating and volunteering to help birds of prey maintain their habitats.



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