Acts Of Charity: The Great Dane Adoption Society

After writing an article about my love for Great Danes I’ve become inspired to start a section on this blog called Acts Of Charity. The section will bring awareness to animal charities I admire.

dog7The charity I’m looking at today is the Great Dane Adoption Society, founded in 2000. The organisation is based in the UK and helps other large dog breeds, including St Bernards, Irish Wolfhounds and Mastiffs.

The aim of The Great Dane Adoption Society is to rehome as many dogs as possible, though due to the number of Great Danes they operate with a waiting list. Thanks to the efforts of over 600 members and 300 home checkers, the organisation helps over 140 dogs a year. Few of their Great Danes are strays and have been made homeless due to domestic circumstances with previous owners. You’re free to adopt a Great Dane and make sure him or her are provided with a caring home.

The GDAS provides numerous ways of supporting their dogs, such as a special sponsor section for Great Danes who have specific issues. One of them is a ten year old called Ella who was given up by her family when they had a baby and couldn’t look after her anymore. Due to her age she waited 10 months to be adopted but has now found a foster home where she can be loved. Ella is fit for her age but a minimum donation of £20 will go towards her feeding and veterinary bills.ella

Another way to help the GDS is to make a general donation. By giving £5 per month it will provide £75 a year for all the animals they rescue. If you have a Great Dane and are unable to look after him or her then the GDS also provides a rehoming service with detailed information on how the dog will be looked after and cared for.

You can also help the charity through becoming a member and in return you’ll receive a newsletter three times a year, giving insight into Great Dane stories, events and progress of the organisation.

Making the world a better place for all animals is important, but if you’re a dog lover then the Great Dane Adoption Society is a worthy charity to look into.

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If you’re part of or know an animal charity that would like to be advertised don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the bottom section or contact me at


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