Tigers Saved Thanks To Bravery Of Bangladesh Police

With the recent world wide coverage of Cecil the lion being shot and killed, it should come as no surprise that other hunting controversies would be exposed. This was the case on Sunday August 9th 2015 when six tiger poachers were shot dead by Bangladesh police. The incident took place in the Subdarbans, the world’s biggest mangrove forest. The Subdarbans is home to the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger.

The poachers were initially detained 197 miles southwest of Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, in the Koyra area of the Khulna district. They were told by police to lead them to their hideouts in the forest. According to one of the officers “their associates attacked us and we retaliated when the six were killed in crossfire.”

The population of Royal Bengal Tigers has declined rapidly thanks to poaching. A recent survey found that the tiger population on the Sundarbans side dropped to 106 this year, down from 440 in 2004.

This is an unfortunate incident but the bravery of the police should be commemorated. Poaching and trophy hunting is a threat to big cats and animals all over the world. Situations like this point to hope that there can be a deterrent towards illegal hunting of endangered species. Many tigers were spared needless slaughter and that’s the important thing.


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