Happy World Oceans Day!

Today marks World Oceans Day, an annual event dedicated to honouring the oceans and the marine life they provide for. The oceans are a giver of life, a place of international trade and an indispensable part of the planet. Global pollution and the over-consumption of fish are threats undermining the natural order, so in the spirit of the day why not raise awareness of ocean protection.

Wear blue clothing and show your appreciation of the ocean proudly. Make a promise to change one thing in your life that can benefit the ocean, such as reducing the amount of fish you eat. Arrange a celebratory event at the beach, host sea creature costume and sand sculpture contests. Make a film that promotes a certain fish species, come up with colourful art that represents the beauty of the ocean and hang them in public. Arrange a beach clean-up with your friends and help remove any waste that could wash up in the water.

The Ocean Project, an organisation working to advance ocean conservation and education, has supported WOD since 2003 and has helped to promote change in partnership with the World Ocean Network. TOP runs an education program for children designed to help them appreciate the ocean from an early age, as the next generation will have a say in the state of the seas.

Remember that one person can make a difference no matter how small the contribution. Happy World Oceans Day everyone!


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