Dirty Paws

Patchwork fur,
Greyed with the reflection
of a sky bursting at the seams
You gnaw at the fraying stitches

Trailing a windy barrow,
Head to the ground
Dirty paws in which lie
The weight of missed opportunity
Dig deep enough and
exhume the ashes

Smell of hope coming from below
of a home long departed
but never forgotten

A howling heart,
trapped inside a chamber
Pull the trigger and run
Run until your legs
crack like broken branches

And when they collapse,
She’ll be there



  1. beautiful thoughts you have spun and woven within an image we see through the eyes of the heart
    Thank you for sharing you and your thoughts
    Take Care…You Matter…


      1. You’re Welcome, I did enjoy your thoughts, I look forward to reading more of them 🙂


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