Tips for Hiking in Wolf Country

Some great tips to bear in mind when in the territory of these wonderful animals.

The Wolf Preservation Blog

camping wolf

The Teanaway Valley is a popular hiking destination, and it’s also home to one of Washington’s wolf packs. Photo: Western Transportation Institute

Posted by Chase Gunnell at Aug 01, 2014

“Washington’s wild canines pose no serious threat to humans on the trail

The Pacific Northwest is hiker central, with hundreds of trails from the Olympic coast to the Cascades and Columbia Highlands. With thousands of people hitting the hills each year, information abounds for coexisting safely in the backcountry with our region’s regular cast of wildlife; from hungry black bears to curious cougars and salt-craved mountains goats.

But what about Washington’s recovering wolves?

Though still incredibly rare, gray wolves migrating from British Columbia and Idaho have made a natural resurgence in recent years. The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife now estimates there are at least 52 wolves in the state across 13 packs; from the Diamond, Smackout…

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