Every Dog Has Their Day At Dogs And Divas


Owning a dog is a life enriching experience, but it can also be a full time job. When you’re unable to leave a pet with a family member or friend it’s time to think about leaving them at a place that’s qualified to look after them. For dog owners in Manchester you’re unlikely to find a better dog day care than Stretford based Dogs And Divas.

Found on Bradley Lane in a semi-rural location, Dogs and Divas is dedicated to providing a comfortable and entertaining day for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Owner Dawn Marshall offers dog walking services to provide mental stimulation and plenty of physical exercise around a large garden and summer house. After lots of play time the dogs are able to rest in the VIP lounge, a custom built shed with sofas so they can settle down.

I had the pleasure of working there last year and it was the best job I’ve ever had. Being able to play with the dogs, to nurture and see them get comfortable around each other was very rewarding. I bonded with a couple of border collies called Alfie and Milo, two large bundles of energy who made every day a treat. Another dog I connected with was a cocker spaniel named Bella.

Dogs and Divas offers a cheap service at £15 for a full day and a half day of 4 hours at £10 for small dogs. A half day for large dogs is £15.

Another service is the Groom Room to make your dog feel refreshed and relaxed. Prices range from £25 for small dogs to £60 for large dogs. They receive the full treatment of bathing, blow drying, trimming, claw clipping and styling. All of the staff are qualified in grooming and first aid so the dogs are guaranteed a wonderful time.

What makes Dogs and Divas stand out is the commitment to care. Dawn goes above and beyond to make sure dogs feel accepted and safe. She is always patient, firm when necessary and treats animals with the respect and love they deserve.

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Milo and Bella.


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