Robin Page’s anti-raptor rhetoric torn to shreds

Raptors should be protected rather than painted as scape goats.

Raptor Persecution UK

Robin Page 2In response to Robin Page’s idiotic rant against raptors that was published in the Daily Mail yesterday (see here), the Guardian has published a cracking retort.

When Page (Boring Ape) was asked why he hadn’t cited any scientific evidence to support his claim that raptors are causing population declines in other avian species, he said: “I don’t want to, why should I?“.

It’s a shame the grouse-moor-owning editor of the Daily Mail didn’t ask him the same question before deciding to publish.

The article in the Guardian, written by Karl Mathiesen, includes comments from Ben Sheldon (Professor of Field Ornithology, Oxford University), Jeff Knott (Head of Nature Policy, RSPB), Chris Packham and Mark Avery.

Well worth a read.

Guardian article here.

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  1. Some readers don’t want facts. And the Daily Mail was quoted somewhere I can’t remember as having the most influence of all newspapers on the election. Must say more about the readers!


    1. My thoughts exactly, Georgina. In place of facts we get baseless hearsay and the name of more beautiful species are dragged through the mud. At least the Guardian has made attempts to provide a balanced argument while consulting people who know what they’re talking about.


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