Creature Feature: Blue Shark

A fascinating insight into the life of the sleek and powerful blue shark.

Marine Science Institute Blog

Blue-Andy Murch Arkive

Today we are going to discuss one of the many species of pelagic shark. First you may ask, what does pelagic mean? Simply put, pelagic just means that the organism in question lives in open water, not too close to shore. But the ocean is a big and varied habitat, so scientists decided to distinguish between two different categories of pelagic fish. There are coastal pelagic fish which tend to live in sunlit waters above the area surrounding large landmasses where the sea is shallow compared to the open ocean – an area known as the continental shelf. Then there are oceanic pelagic fish which prefer to live in waters below the continental shelf. Some species can inhabit both the oceanic and coastal pelagic zones because of the changing stages of their life cycles. Today’s Featured Creature, the Blue Shark, Prionace glauca, is typically oceanic pelagic and can be…

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