The Irish Wolfhound – a guest post.

A big thank you to Paul Handover for letting me write a guest blog about Irish Wolfhounds. Be sure to follow his blog if you’re a dog lover.

Learning from Dogs

Please join me in welcoming Jamie Ryder.

I have made it very clear in more than one post that the most rewarding aspect of this world of blogging is the way that we connect with others unrestricted by culture, age and location. Today’s guest post is a classic example of that.

About a week ago I had a Jamie Ryder sign up to follow Learning from Dogs. As I always do when a new follower is also a blogger I went across to his place and left a ‘thank you’ note. I liked what Jamie was writing and invited him to offer a guest post for this place.

All of which explains how I came across the author of the blog Wings and Wild Hearts and how subsequently Jamie offered the following post.


Walking with a gentle giant – The Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolhound. The Irish Wolhound.

Owning a dog is…

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One comment

  1. a Wonderful post, I enjoyed learning more about this beautiful creature
    and his ways…Thank you for sharing
    Take Care…You Matter…


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