Howling for Understanding at The UK Wolf Conservation Trust


Lurking in the night, howling at the moon, stalking fairytales – wolves haven’t received the best reputation over the years. From grey to arctic, they are often viewed as ferocious, opportunistic creatures who attack on sight. The truth is the wolf population has declined rapidly, disappearing from most of Western Europe. Yet one charity has taken a stand against misconception to defend and protect wolves and their dwindling habitats.

Based in Beenam, the UK Wolf Conservation Trust has been established since 1995, offering awareness and fundraising to help wolves across Europe. Started by the late Roger Palmer who looked after several wolves in his life time, he formed the UKWCT with his wife Tsa. The aims of the organisation are to enhance public awareness of wolves, dispel misconceptions and raise money for wolf related conservation projects.

The place is a popular attraction for children and adults, providing several activities and support areas for helping the animals. Wolf Walks enable visitors to see the wolves up close as they travel through the countryside interacting with the environment. To be eligible for this you’ll need to become a walking member. Other activities include Howl Nights which involve an evening tour of the centre while listening to the wolves make their iconic sounds.

You can support the Trust by adopting a wolf such as Torak, a resplendent half-European, half North-American male. Or perhaps one of the beautiful Arctic wolves like Pukak or Sikko. The UKWCT also runs an international magazine called Wolf Trust. It’s issued 3 times a year with articles and photographs from leading experts around the world. All members automatically receive a hardcopy format while non-members are free to subscribe anywhere in the world. For students working in an animal related degree there’s also a chance to gain work experience.

The UK Wolf Conservation Trust is an example of a charity going above and beyond to protect the interests of a misunderstood species. Wolves are beautiful, majestic creatures and you can help them by working with the Trust to raise awareness and donate to conservation projects.

More information can be found here.


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