Muirkirk hen harrier: shot and killed at nest site

It’s always a shame when majestic species like these perish because of police negligence.

Raptor Persecution UK

hh LAURIE CAMPBELLLast June we blogged about the death of an adult female hen harrier near Muirkirk, south west Scotland. Her corpse had been found in May 2014 on moorland close to a nest containing two young hen harrier chicks (see here). At the time, Police Scotland refused to reveal the cause of death. A statement from Detective Inspector Graham Duncan of Kilmarnock CID went as follows:

Whilst at this time we cannot divulge how the bird was killed, we do believe it was the result of a criminal act and we need to establish why this has happened“.

Quite an astonishing statement if you’re aware of the 30+ years of hen harrier persecution in this supposed Hen Harrier Special Protection Area (e.g. see here).

We didn’t hear anything else from Police Scotland about this ‘investigation’.

Eight months later in February 2015 we blogged about this case again…

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